At Tervita Drilling and Coring Services’ project in Alberta, two Liebherr rotary drilling rigs have been in operation since November. In the city of Calgary, the LB 24 machines were used in the construction of a new office building. To install the shoring and the building’s foundation, the two LB 24 had to undertake varied deep foundation work.

Cast-In-Place Piles and Secant Pile Wall
The Liebherr rotary drilling rigs were used on the job site for two important tasks. On the one hand, the machines had to construct a secant pile wall to place the shoring. A total of 15 meters of 880-millimeter-diameter-diameter-diameter-diameter-diameter-diameter-diameter-diameter- Because the wall must withstand constant hydrostatic pressure, the job site’s proximity to the Bow River was one of the biggest problems in the secant pile wall construction.

The rotary drilling rigs had to drill cast-in-place piles with diameters of 1,300 millimeters roughly eight to ten meters into the earth, which consists of sand and gravel, cobbles, and finally bedrock, for the building’s foundation. Kelly drilling with sectional casing was used to complete the project. One pile was completed in two hours thanks to the LB 24’s powerful engine. As a result, each of the machines was able to complete ten heaps per day. As a result, the Liebherr rotary drilling rigs assisted in keeping deep foundation construction on schedule.

Main advantages of the LB 24
The LB 24 proved to be very sturdy and reliable equipment once again, according to the customer. Another distinctive feature is its efficiency since the LB 24 produces a high power while consuming very little fuel. Furthermore, the rotary drilling rig is conveniently transportable at and between working sites, making construction company planning easier. The LB 24’s comfortable cabin, crisp touch screen display displaying essential information, a large variety of pre-programmed functions, and joystick memory are just a few of the elements that contribute to its simplicity of use.

Let’s watch the amazing video below about Liebherr LB 24 and LB 28 installing a secant pile wall using segmental casing.

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Video resource: Doublestar Drilling