Wilhelm Haddick
A Gerᴍᴀɴ company named Wilhelm Haddick GmbH is an authority in drainage, water engineering, and civil engineering. One of the company’s fleets of specialized equipment and vehicles is a tracked carrier developed from a Caterpillar 963 crawler loader. The vehicle is designed to transport large objects over uneven terrain or in low-lying places where tires are useless and there is a need for some buoyancy.

The dumper employs the same engine and chassis but can accept longer tracks, an upside-down cab, a bigger bump box, and a dozer blade at the front or back. The powerplant’s propulsion is provided by a Tier 4 compliant Cat C6.6 Acert diesel engine with a rated power output of 190 horsepower. The payload can be up to 30 tons. This yields a maximum total weight of 58 tons and a ground pressure that is very low (0.61 kg/cm2), which is regarded as low. The gadget is made to function as a carrier. This suggests that a variety of bodies, such as dump trucks and container spreaders, can be attached.

Scanjack AB
The development of technology for sanitizing and purifying terrain that might have been contaminated by explosive materials is a priority for the Swedish company Scanjack. Its flagship vehicle, the Scanjack 3500, is made for clearing explosive material from the ground and can detonate it even when it is 300 mm below the surface. It uses a 3.5-meter wide twin flail system that is connected to an armored John Deere forestry machine chassis to operate.

These features allow it to autonomously remove explosives at 300 m/h while clearing up to 8000m2 per day with a 99% detection efficiency. With a total weight of 39 tons and an 8-ton dual flail framework, the vehicle’s top road speed is 20 km/h. This vehicle, which was approved by specialized Cʀᴏᴀᴛɪᴀn bodies, is used by Middle Eastern countries as well as security agencies like the UN.

SRG Production AB
SRG Production AB, is a Swedish company, specializing in designing and modifying vehicles for use in deᴍᴀɴding forestry tasks. This company was responsible for creating the fascinating “SRG 160 MPM,” a chassis that combines an excavator and a forwarder. It was constructed using a Cat 316 excavator as the foundation and a special 4-axle chassis developed by SRG that also has an integrated hook lift under the Multilift brand.
The excavator has a hydraulic stabilizer that keeps it in the ideal working position so it can keep working on uneven ground. The machine achieves a total empty weight of slightly less than 30 tons with a load capacity of 20 tons and the ability to load different types of containers. Only 2 of these SRG 160 MPM units were actually built, despite the fact that there were numerous applications for this peculiar arcʜɪᴛecture.

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