How are Peanuts harvested?
Before harvesting peanuts, loosen the soil around the plants with a garden fork or spade. Remove the plants from the ground and brush off any extra soil from the roots, keeping the pods in place. For three to four weeks, peanuts must dry before being prepared and stored. Keep the plants away from direct sunlight and in a warm, dry area. After two weeks, brush off any remaining soil to separate the pods from the roots. They should dry for a further week or two if you spread them out in a single layer on the surface. Mold is encouraged by high humidity during the drying process.

A machine known as a “peanut harvester” excavates the peanuts, cleans them off the soil, and gathers them into a fruit box. They shovel up the peanuts and the soil during the procedure. The dirt block was shattered and a portion leaked due to the motion of the throwing wheel and transfer wheel. The three dividing wheels’ fingers continued to fling it after that. The arc-shaped rod sieve discharges fine soil blocks and crushed solid particles. Thrown into the swiveling screening sieve are peanut pods, a trace amount of fine roots, and some fine soil.

The sieve perforations allow the discharge of fine soil. The sieve within the fruit box lets the peanut fruits through. Sand and loam soils with a moisture level of 10% to 18% are acceptable for this harvester. Straight vine peanuts are harvested with a different type of vine peanut harvester. With the assistance of its digging shovel, the machine breaks up and leaks some soil blocks before sending them to the front and back division wheels and arc rod screens. Most of the soil fragments were broken up and separated after ᴍᴀɴy tosses, and the peanuts with vines were then delivered to the horizontal conveyor chain and dispersed across the harvested field.

Let’s see the peanut harvesting machine – how to harvest peanuts on the farm – modern agriculture technology in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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