Teknorot ᴍᴀɴufactures and sells bushes all over the world. The bushes are utilized in Wishbones, Link Stabilizers, Track Control Arms, and Lateral Arms, or they are packaged and supplied directly to our clients. In addition to bushes, Teknorot also ᴍᴀɴufactures rubber buffers for suspension, exhaust mounts, strut mounting, engine mounting, transmission mounting, and antiroll bar bushes.

Teknorot is the top ᴍᴀɴufacturer in its industry, producing all of its own bushes at one of the largest bushing production facilities. The bushing is a clever way to join rubber and metal. The utilization of rubber/metal parts has increased due to their specific impact on driving characteristics and safety as well as the growing use of track control arms and sheet metal wishbones in modern chassis layouts. Driving comfort is greatly enhanced by the specifically developed vulcanized connection between natural rubber and aluminum, which takes vibrations on the vehicle into account.

Bushings are components for safety and comfort that are specifically made to lessen vibration and noise when the vehicle is moving. The suspension system of the car is connected to the chassis with the aid of bushings. Depending on the vehicle’s design, bushing parts may be made of natural rubber; however, they may also be constructed using a combination of metal and natural rubber. High-durability engineering polymers have started to replace metal in recent years.

All of the outside raw materials that are imported for the production of bushings must first go through a stringent input quality control process. When ᴍᴀɴufacturing with metal, the first step is to produce metal pipes using eccentric presses. Inappropriate quality conditions are used to shape metal pipes. Before entering the vulcanization presses, rubber is put through a series of cleaning, sanding, degreasing, and painting procedures to ensure that the metal and metal surfaces are precisely attached to one another. To maintain the appropriate paint coating thickness under continual control, fully automatic painting equipment is used to paint surface-cleaned metal parts.

Metal parts are processed with rubber paste that has a cold feeder system after the surface operation needed for adherence. The finished product can then be obtained. The rubber paste used in the vulcanization process is provided by A-class vendors and meets the exact same standards as the original component. To preserve the technical qualities of the rubber paste, they are stored in cold air until they are used in production.

Following the vulcanization procedure and any necessary deburring, the body is then given a chrome or phosphate coating. This stops product deterioration under various vehicle usage scenarios. Qualified employees complete each step of the production and quality control processes. In every phase of bushing ᴍᴀɴufacture, the team’s goal is to maintain high levels of driving safety and strength. The bushes are either used as a part of Wishbones, Link Stabilizers, and Track Control Arms, or they are packaged and supplied directly to our clients.

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