Liebherr – LR 1600 2 crawler crane
The Liebherr LR 1600 Crawler Crane has a main boom that can extend to 420 feet, a lattice jib that is 315 feet long, and a maximum lifting capacity of 660 tons. Strong duty cycle crawler cranes from Liebherr are some of the most innovative products produced by any company. They have exceptional lift capacity in the majority of configurations, a cutting-edge CANBUS electrical system, and redundant safety measures. The LR 1600 is practical and reasonably priced, and it assembles quickly. Additionally, this crane has a cutting-edge derrick mechanism with a hanging counterweight for stability when lifting heavy objects. Also produced by Liebherr are the LR 1600/1 and 1600/2. Both offer feature enhancements and upgrades compared to earlier models.

CMG – XGC88000 Crawler Crane
The most significant and substantial washing tower of the project was raised this time. The tower is 8.6 meters in diameter, 101.1 meters high, and 1,926 tons heavy. With the main arm of 102 meters, an auxiliary arm of 27 meters, and a 1250-ton crane for tail lifting, the XCMG XGC88000 is used as the primary crane. The largest crawler crane in the world, XCMG XGC88000, began to move slowly after the order was given.

Liebherr – LR 13000
The strongest crawler crane in the world is the Liebherr LR 13000. The 3,000-ton lifting capacity and 473-foot main boom of the LR 13000 crane, which was built for use in nuclear power plant building, respectively. The crane itself is 748 tons in weight.

Terex CC8800-1 TWIN Crawler crane
The Terex/Demag CC 8800 – 1 TWIN is a sizable crawler crane with a 3500 U.S. ton maximum lift capability. Its maximum boom and jib lengths, respectively, are 383 and 118 feet. When the extra boom and other elements that set the CC 8800 – 1 twin apart are used, the already potent 8800 – 1 is boosted by 270%. On the Terex/Demag CC 8800 – 1 TWIN, there is already pre-installed 135 tons of counterweight divided into 12 sections. Terex provides up to 78 additional plates, each weighing 10 tons, for heavier lifts. There is also a carrier designed specifically for the counterweights that have hydraulic steering and propulsion. For bigger operations, the Terex team also provides reinforced boom and jib heads.

Sarens SGC-250 Crawler crane
The SGC 250 will be mobilized to the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station project, where it will stay for at least four years. It is the replacement for the SGC 140, which had a maximum lifting moment of 140,000 tonne/meter. The new SGC 250 can lift 5,000 tons at its maximum capability. A heavy-duty jib measuring 100 meters in length can be added to the main boom, which can be up to 160 meters long. It is now the largest crane in the world in terms of size and capacity, according to strict technological standards.

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