Being a pilot may be a very financially and personally gratifying career, but it’s crucial to be aware of the profession’s challenges as well. Knowing what you want from a career as a pilot will help you determine the type of flying for which you are best suited and the airline where you should work.

Airline Pilot Pay
In order to acquire a highly specialized and fleeting sᴋɪʟʟ set, flight crews must undergo extensive and expensive training. Because of this, pilots frequently make substantially above-average salaries, with pay ranging from £30,000 to over £200,000 depending on seniority, aircraft, and airline. The salary can vary greatly from company to business, but generally speaking, low-cost airlines tend to pay less than the flag carriers. As could be expected, the higher the pay, the larger the aircraft and the farther you fly.

Staff Travel Discounts for Pilots
The majority of airlines also provide fantastic staff travel packages, with flag carriers often providing savings of up to 90% on tickets for you and your family. This implies that you could fly in First or Business Class from London to Nᴇᴡ Yᴏʀᴋ for as low as £150.

The roster is one of the pilot’s clear difficulties. It comes with the territory to get up at 4 am and stay in bed until far after midnight.

Depending on the airline they fly for and the kind of operation, an airline pilot’s normal day can vary greatly. Days can be extremely lengthy or very short, hectic, or even a little monotonous.

You do often have quite a bit of time off as a pilot to allow for recovery in between trips. Regulations place a cap on the number of hours a pilot can work in a day, week, month, or year in order to prevent fatigue.

The work often provides higher holiday allowances and more vacation days than your standard Monday through Friday 9–5 job. The drawback to this is that you can find yourself with few free weekends, little to no summer vacation days, and bank holidays that are no different from other working days. Although ᴍɪssɪɴɢ Christmas or a family member’s birthday every year may seem insignificant to others, it can have tremendous impact. It might be difficult to maintain a regular social and family life when you frequently find yourself with free time while your friends are at work or your kids are in school.

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