Almost every dish has a city that claims to be its capital and can be traced back to a specific geographic location. For instance, the “Potato Capital of the World” is Blackfoot, Idaho. The “Salmon Capital of the World,” the “Steak Capital of the World,” and the “Strawberry Capital of the World” are all located in Ketchikan, Alaska (Watsonville, California). And for whatever reason, the “Pizza Capital of the World” is Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

There get to the “Watermelon Capital of the World,” though, you would need to enter the name of a city into your GPS. Answering that query is a little more difficult.

It turns out that seven American communities assert that they are the center of the watermelon universe, and each of them has a valid justification for doing so. Yes, other foods have ᴍᴀɴy cities vying for the title of capital, but the conflict over watermelon is the most bitter in the country.

Here is a list of all the “Watermelon Capitals of the World” and why each one deserves the moniker. Which one deserves the title the most? To help end this argument for good, leave a comment with your ideas!

CORDELE, GEORGIA – Cordele is situated in Crisp County, the top-producing county for watermelons in the nation’s second-leading state for watermelons. Both the Watermelon Capital Speedway and the annual Watermelon Days Festival are located in Cordele.

HOPE, ARKANSAS – Hope has ᴍᴀɴy things to be proud of. In addition to being the area where former President Bill Clinton was born, it is also where some of the biggest watermelons in the world are grown. Annual watermelon festivals are held in the town, and the slogan “A Slice of the Good Life” is displayed beside a watermelon in the municipal logo.

WEATHERFORD, TEXAS – The city in north Texas previously boasted an enormous watermelon sculpture outside its courthouse and was one of the greatest watermelon growers in the state (not so much anymore).

GREEN RIVER, UTAH – Green River, a little hamlet with a population of 929, is the location of the “World’s Largest Watermelon.” The vintage wooden wedge is shown at events like Green River’s annual Melon Days Festival and is stored in storage in a hangar at the Green River Airfield.

NAPLES, TEXAS – Naples hosts a watermelon festival and is home to a large watermelon farming industry. Really, that’s all there is. Oh, there’s a rodeo at the watermelon festival too. That’s rather nice, isn’t it?

BEARDSTOWN, ILLINOIS – Beardstown solely refers to itself as the “Watermelon Capital,” unlike other cities that also claim to be the “Watermelon Capital of the World.” And for good reason: The town is home to some of the state’s most productive watermelon farms.

RUSH SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA – Rush Springs meets all criteria for “Watermelon Capital” as usual. Are you a watermelon farmer? Check. Do you have a sizable annual watermelon festival? Check. That last one is a sizable cheque, in actuality. One of the most well-liked festivals in the state, the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival serves up ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to 50,000 pounds of watermelon annually and draws more than 20,000 attendees.

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