A pneumatic device called an air compressor transforms power into the potential energy contained in pressured air. An air compressor raises the pressure in a storage tank by using one of several techniques to push more and more air into the container. The air compressor switches off when the pressure in the tank exceeds its designed upper limit. The tank then stores the compressed air until it is required. Utilizing the kinetic energy of the air when it is released and the tank depressurizes, the energy contained in the compressed air can be utilized for a variety of uses. The air compressor restarts and pressurizes the tank when tank pressure falls below its minimum level. The tank is pressurized once more by a restarted air compressor. Because it operates for any gas or air, an air compressor must be distinguished from a pump, which operates for a liquid.

An air compressor assembly must be made, which takes time and money. Traditionally, several ᴍᴀɴufacturing cells are needed. Including air tank welding and fabrication as well as the final assembly of the air compressor assembly in a single cell is one way to decrease the size, and capital expenditures, and improve the productivity of the ᴍᴀɴufacturing cells. But following welding, the air tank is frequently too warm for assemblers to start the last assembly.

This might significantly lower ᴍᴀɴufacturing productivity. Additionally, the welding procedure may lessen the metal’s ability to resist corrosion in the heat-affected areas of the tank, which would be bad for the air tank’s quality. The provision of a mechanism for ᴍᴀɴufacturing effectiveness and air tank quality would therefore be desirable.

In one application of the invention, between the steps of welding the tank and final assembly, a welded air tank is immersed in a dip tank filled with cooling liquid treated with a corrosion inhibitor. In a preferred version, all air access ports of the welded tank are left open during the immersing process so that cooling liquid can cover both of the interior surfaces to enhance corrosion inhibitor protection and quicken tank cooling.

A portable air compressor assembly, a pancake-style air compressor assembly, a hot-dog-style air compressor assembly, a vertical hot-dog type air compressor assembly, a double hot-dog type air compressor assembly, a vertical stationary type air compressor assembly, and the like may all be made using the ᴍᴇᴛʜod for making an air compressor assembly according to the present invention.

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