Cucumber harvest
Check out the cucumber harvest and how it becomes a pickle. Self-propelled is a machine that has its own means of propulsion. After the cucumber is picked, the stems and leaves are divided. An elevator system conducts the harvest to the bucket. When filled, the cucumbers are taken to the collection truck. At the factory, the cucumbers are cleared and selected. Some for pickles, some for condiments. Pickles are made with vegetables preserved in brine or vinegar.

These are DJI agricultural spray drones. Drones have 6 rotors and are controlled by remote control. A camera is integrated into the remote control video display. Spray width up to 6.5 meters. Automatic obstacle prevention system. Spray width up to 6.5meters. Automatic obstacle prevention system. Also equipped with an altitude adjustment system. Multiple aircraft control mode. Control up to 5 aircraft simultaneously with remote control. The load capacity of 16l and spraying of 4.8 liters per minute. Operating efficiency of up to hectares per hour. Up to ten hectares of operation each hour.

Munckhof Machinery
Munckhof Air System 3-line sprayer. Fully articulated arm system. With automatic adjustment of the wheelbase. It is an ideal sprayer for protecting orchards. Allows 3 lines to be sprayed at the same time. Spraying protects plants against fungi and ᴅɪsᴇᴀsᴇs. Adjustable arms for use in various orchard sizes.

Ropa Sitteldor
Ropa Sittelsdorf Euro-tiger VB-4s combines. They are used to harvest tuberous roots such as beets and potatoes. Harvest the whole beet with head, but without leaves. 40m3 bunker is emptied quickly in less than 1 minute. Harvesting capacity of approximately 60 tons.

Let’s see the Amazing and incredibly modern and high-level farming machines you’ve never seen in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: Tantum Tech HD