Vogele Super 3000-2
The Super 3000-2, the flagship paver in the Vogele fleet, earns a good living on jobs that call for both a high level of pavement quality and a rapid laydown rate. Any kind of road construction material, including gravel, lean-mixed concrete, and asphalt, may be handled by this substantial paver. The super 3000-2 creates pavements that are true to line, level, and high density while maintaining flawless surface accuracy. Even during continuous operation, the paver’s drive system, which controls output based on demand, ensures the best possible synchronization of paver activities.

Liebherr R944C
For more than 20 years, Liebherr has been creating specialized excavators for use in tunnel building. For the building of large-cross-section tunnels, the R944C electronic Tunnel machine satisfies all current practical demands and specifications for exceptionally powerful excavators. In this case, the five-arm grapple on the R944 C allows it to handle steel items of various sizes. The driver’s cab’s height-adjustable turret optimizes the field of vision while facilitating safe work. Maximum excavator performance in terms of lifting force, accuracy, and operating speed are guaranteed by the 24m reach and the strong electric motor. The mobility of the excavator, made possible by the crawler track travel gear, and the working height, which is perfect for industrial processes like scrap metal recycling, are further benefits.

Chieftain 2200
The Powerscreen Chieftain 2200 2-deck screen is made for users who demand high throughputs of the content of the highest caliber along with the greatest degree of adaptability. The Chieftain 2200 from Powerscreen has two extremely adaptable two-deck screen boxes that offer a combined screening surface of 19.5m2. It has a ground-breaking drive mechanism that has a patent application filed that enables the addition of bolt-on components to change from 2 to 4 bearings. The Chieftain has greater capabilities over its rivals thanks to its greatest versatility, particularly in sticky material pre-screening applications. Quick setup with hydraulic folding mats and crawler travel are perks for users. Its extremely aggressive screeners can handle sticky and soiled material with ease.

CAT 994K
The largest wheel loader made by Caterpillar is the brand-new Cat 994K. Compared to the 994H, the preceding generation, it can support a substantially higher payload. As a result, loading big mining trucks is quicker, more productive, and less expensive per unit of material moved. In comparison to the model before, the normal 994k moves 45 US tons per pass, while the high lift version moves 42 US tons per pass.
The 994K can load mining trucks weighing 250, 200, and 150 US tons in one less pass than the pricey variant. The well-known Cat 793 Mining Truck must be loaded using six passes in the high-lift mode. The Cat 789 is loaded in five passes using both high-lift and normal configurations. The Cat 785 is loaded using the typical setup in four passes. High productivity is achieved through increased breakout force, rimpull, hydraulic flow, and lateral stability.

Liebherr L566 XPower
The power-split travel drive on the Liebherr L566 XPower wheel loader combines short loading cycles with the best hydrostatic drive with the mechanical drive for long distances and over hills. Active personnel identification, a built-in tire pressure monitoring system, and a weighing system with truck payload assistance are all features of the L566 Xpower loader. At 71,870 pounds of operational weight, it is the biggest loader in the series.

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